This is a simple PHP/MySQL web app that I coded a long time ago. I used it at a former employer as a type of Wiki/documentation website.

What you're looking at right now is the new and improved version. I spent some time rebuilding this app using modern coding standards and development practices. It was a fun project that I wanted to do specifically to practice my Azure and DevOps skills.

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This is hosted in Microsoft Azure, using an Azure Web App Service, which is considered Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). I'm using the free tier, so it costs nothing for me to run this app! There are a few drawbacks to the free tier, but they're acceptable for this project.

I configured the Web App to use Windows & PHP. I chose Windows because Linux Web Apps do NOT support the 'MySQL In-App' feature. I need this feature because it's a very simple way to implement MySQL. Plus, MySQL In-App shares resources and pricing with the Web App Service. That means MySQL In-App is also free for me to use!

More Info

If you'd like to know more, then I go into a little more detail on my blog. You can check out my blog post HERE.

There's not much use for this kind of app nowadays, as better solutions exist (like a Wiki). But, I eventually plan to make this open source and share the code. However, I want to do a few things first, like implementing a couple more features I had in mind, as well as cleaning up the code a bit.

Azure DevOps Boards

I'm using Azure DevOps Boards to track and plan my work using modern Agile methodologies

I went with a simple Kanban process and board, because this is just a side project after all. Trying to box myself into timed Sprints using Scrum would not have worked for me as I didn't know how much time I'd have each day to work on this.

Azure DevOps Repos

I moved my code into a private Git repository hosted online with Azure DevOps Repos.

I didn't do anything crazy with my branching strategy, just used a nice, simple Trunk-Based Development workflow.

Visual Studio Code
I used VS Code for all of my development. I utilized a couple of extensions (Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines) to make my life easier.
Azure DevOps Pipelines

I used it to implement full CI/CD for this project.

A Build Pipeline watches for changes in the Git repo, and runs a build whenever new changes are found.

A Release Pipeline watches for new builds, and updates the Azure Web App whenever new builds are found.